Category: Action


Fight back the invasion of the aliens! Start the

Danger Ranger

Join the quest to find the powerful interplanetary star

River Raider

Fly fast, fly low and blast everything to pieces!

Galactians 2

The aliens are back but this time – with

Dungeon Adventure

Play as the mystical Wizard Merlin and scour the


Protect your treasure from the marauding knights and villagers.

Hyper Gunner

You want to get back to earth but to

Wizard Wars

Duel wizards and enchanted monsters in the depths of

Lava Sword

Defeat foul foes in this side-scrolling arcade action game!


Save PAPA is a Physics-based puzzle game. You are

Stone Age Rescue

Oh no, the scary Alzuhu kidnapped the Chief’s son

Onslaught Defense

Wield powerful weapons to defend your castle against hordes

Ninja Moral

Be sure to pack your throwing stars and blade

Piggy vs. Wolf

As if blowing your house down wasn’t enough –

Zombie Apocalypse

Brains! The Zombie crowd is attacking you in this


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Ninjas Assault

Blood-thrity ninjas are on their way to attack your

Shuriken Block

Evil ninjas attack the monastry and the peaceful monks


Get into space ship and take care of the

Rebel Rescue

Fight your way through the imperial defense! Evade Drones,